Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Basic Background Pattern

I admit I lost lots of sleep thinking about how to tackle this... then, I awoke one day sure I had a good plan. That gave me permission to start... and dang... I didn't do what I'd come up with as it quickly became evident this was a better choice... the choice being an almost leaf-like filler pattern made up of a central ( to the leaf) elongated spike surrounded by a slightly more graceful outer leaf edge that bent at the tip in the direction of growth. As long as this is taking ( especially since I'm going more slowly using black metallic thread ) this seems to work without too much need for preplanning. From a distance, I'm thinking this will work.
He's coming along okay. Probably 2 more days on the back of his head.... then on to his lower/outer cheeks.
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Trish said...

In a word, Wow! Looks amazing.