Thursday, November 24, 2011

As The Turkey Trots...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone. This was a great way to start the day... Several thousand runners gathered in downtown Claremont, California for the Annual Turkey Trot 5K run. It was a total joy "to watch". The Rotary Club HEAD Turkey was there ( or is he a turkey viking?)
Best Friend turkeys and corn were there.
The mascot Turkey promoting the consumption of "MORE HAM".. was there to start the race.
There were mothers and fathers with strollers, dog owners with pets on leash, individual runners from 4 to 80. It was all quite beautiful and so full of spirit. At last.. they are off and running.
My 72 years "Golden Age of Running" hubby Ray Hughes was right in the thick of it.
Near the finish line...I saw tired puppies human and otherwise...

Nice to see the best friends stuck together to the end.
The best time was a bit over 16 minutes. My hubby reflected his best time ever on a 5K was 14:15 at age 33. He's still running though.. every day.... 5 miles! I've quilted a mile in a day I think. He's in a lot better shape. Happy Bird Day all.

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