Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For Our Veterans

So... what does an art quilter/teacher do following a week of frenzy at Houston International?
Quilt !!! What else? I had loaded this philanthropy quilt for a U.S. veteran before I went to Houston. Quilting this scrappy/ loving quilt top made by friend Mary Lou Ripper was just what I needed to 'come back to the real world!' Mary Lou and members of her friendship groups made over 35 bed sized quilts delivered last week to a Southern California Veterans facility. They've already started on next years delivery. Kudos to Mary Lou and her friends and most importantly thanks to our veterans. Veterans Day is coming. We don't always know who some veterans are as they seldom speak of their experiences. About 5 years back, I thanked a Vietnam Vet friend I knew and was taken back by his response. First, he did appreciate the acknowledgement. He said it was the first time ever to be thanked for his service. We can all fix that!

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