Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sign This Baby!

One of my favorite things is to sign my quilt...but the reason is because the quilting is DONE! Yeah!
I do a simple double line with washout blue marker ... then free motion stitch forward then backward the first name.... then repeat the same process on the last name, and finally a standalone dot over the "i" in blair.
Clip the threads, mist spray the area... and we're done.


KT said...

I see that you "sign" your quilt after it is quilted so that you "sign" thru all layers. Do you "sign" the back or the front? And how do you hide the backward signature on the other side? I really like the way you've done this!
KT. in MI

Patt Blair said...

Hi KT... thank you for the question.... I do sign from the front thru all 3 layers . I use a 40 wt thread.... not too fat so as not to add bulk or take too much attention. My bobbin is monofilament clear so that doesn't show on the back. When using monofilament in a bobbin, first you don't need wind a bobbin very full.. about 2/3 full is plenty anytime and is easier to get into the bobbin case. Wind your bobbin a little slower than the machine would do at full speed. Stretched monofilament is more apt to break. Set your top tension a little lower than for 'regular' thread. Mine is often at 1 or 2 on a Bernina. First I sign forward ( go slow) .. then reverse back to point of origin. I think you'll be happy with this approach. Good Luck.

KT said...

Thanks for your very prompt response (I see you're in CA while I'm 3 hrs ahead of you in MI). I had a feeling this is how you did it but your instructions are very clear. I'm gonna start practicing!