Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Checking Out The Frixion Pilot Gel Pen

Just because something has been out on the market for a while, and I've heard a couple people say nice things about it, I'm not comfortable using it on someone elses quilt til I've made a test on it's stated erasability. ( I'll cut to the chase and say it works.) I am looking to draw/quilt straight lines that run from light fabric to dark. My Sewline white chalk pencil works great on dark... I plan to use the Frixion Erasable Gel Pin on the light.
Now the test... Using a Frixion pen, I drew 4 parallel straight lines on light fabric.
I then quilted rows 1 - 3 and stopped mid way on the fourth line (blue) and backed off. When I ironed over the drawn line (on cotton setting)... "Voila".... the drawn gel pen line is gone. I'm lovin it!

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