Friday, December 14, 2012

Dang... Not Previously Shown

Well Rats... a couple important things I failed to post... eg
How I finished off  the curved lines from the dark background as I got down to the lower quarter entering the white show. I turned the final curve of the line 'downfall' into a directional meander some of which entered in the completely white snow area. Not too much I hope... just enough to tie the two areas together.
I also failed to show the much earlier quilting of the edge of the coat.  I chose the most simple continuos line I could think of to start at the bottom outer edge... and climb slowly to the opposite end of the fur. You can click on a photo for closeup.

The final thing I do before binding and adding a sleeve and back label is sign my name. I use a 40 wt thread.... mark a water soluble blue marker line on the quilt top..... quilt each name forward.. then backtracked for better definition.  I picked this up from Ruth McDowell.  It works well for me. .

There you have it... but for the bit of keystoneing in my photography... here you can see the final quilt.  I think I may need to create a class for this piece... one that allows students to add there own special memories on the great coat!!!   Whaddaya think? 


Beth Stanton said...

Hey, Patt - I think it would be very popular as a class project. Turned out great.

Robbie said...

I think it's BEAUTIFUL!

Laura T said...

I would love this as a class project and or pattern! It's so wonderful and I'm sure the recipient will be delighted to receive it.