Sunday, December 2, 2012

Marker/Pen Testing

*I am always looking for new products to incorporate into my work.. Sometimes just out of curiosity, and other times, because I'm not completely satisfied with what I'm using.. thus this test .
I wrote the pen/marker name ( only one of which was made for fabric.. that being Tee Juice) on white PFD fabric... then heat set them with a dry cotton setting.

After that, I misted the fabric with clean water to see what happened.  Here is the result.

The 2 that were failures were no surprise frankly.... but sometimes... things can surprise us so nothing in the art store is immediately ruled out 'til I've tested them.

*Staedtler Permanent marker ( tested a black marker) did FINE..a winner 

*Le Pen failed.. DARN! I love these little pens... they have a beautiful point on them but definitely NOT for fabric.

*Sharpie ultra fine point marker in a flesh color... surprised me a bit. It did not bleed out as my earlier testing with black markers.  I'm always looking for markers for portrait contour drawings. YEAH.. another winner!

*Faber Castell-Pitt pen light flesh color .. a winner.

TomBow flesh color marker...almost completely washed out. No surprise but one can always HOPE!

*Tee Juice Fine Point in a flesh color.. a winner

 * all purchased Ultrect Art Supply.. available in stores or on line).

You might guess... I tested these flesh colored markers for a good reason  My next piece will have a portrait element to it.

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