Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas To Me !

Sometimes... after months or in this case years of wanting something.... you just do it.  So I justified all these new built ins as a Christmas present to me.  My studio Condo down off the mountain is set up to let us stay there when the cold, snow, and ice overtake our little canyon in the mountains.  I've kept a small bedroom set up in the smallest  room since I bought the place in 2007.... but dang... it's pretty small and I've been sorely deficient in storage space.
So first... some storage units on either side of my bed. Shelving up high behind doors and drawers down low.
I've struggled keeping my quilts stored efficiently so now I have it covered....  along one wall a tall shelved cabinet where traditional quilts  might be folded and stored but my art quilts can easily be rolled and stored. YEAH!!!!!
This last week, my custom desk was installed to finish off the plan.
Because the space is small... I kept furniture white with light maple finish tops to align with light hickory floors and woven rug and baskets.  I drove the furniture maker crazy designing this simple looking desk. I insisted upon a back panel all the way to the floor to hide cables. It looks so much cleaner than the normal design. YEAH again.  Now to keep it tidy.....I hope.

I sure hope your holiday was wonderful.

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