Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Play, Pray, and then Dive In!!!

I am choosing to place several images atop Father Christmas' coat... some relating to sewing, others more personal to the intended recipient.  I love doing rubbings on fabric... and am playing on scrap fabric here using a rubber stamp placed  rubber side up under fabric and then rubbing across the stamp from top side using ink on a dry brush fantastix. You'll notice the image is reversed to the stamp top. This worked well...and I can see with a little playing with markers, that I can enhance values where desired.

I've used wooden ornament blanks as rubbing sources too...again under the fabric.. rubbed on the top in the same manor. This  idea will work too.

I've done a bunch of little tests.. most I like... some not so much... but it was well worth the time.  I've also planned some simple line drawings of country scenes.  I think I can set up the real thing to get going now.

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