Friday, December 21, 2012

Parties Have Begun

The once a year Christmas Party for the Wanabe Quilters  friendship group (originated in 1989) was today in the beautiful home of Laurie Lyon (Laurie in red on left) in Anaheim Hills.  What FUN!!!
First arrival of members brought food.  Phyllis Reddish (on the right) carried in ( with help) a HEAVY bag of homemade peanut brittle destined to be gifted to individual members.  WOW.... I must hide this from my hubby... He loves Phyllis' brittle.

Then it was appetizer time.  Phyllis brought 2.... first shrimp with a hot pepper. Hot and nummy! Great car, eh?

and  a gang of Strawberry Santas.. too cute!
A few of the early eaters!!!! L-R Hilary Field, Carol Culbert, Karon Cornell, Carol Pankow, Carol Lundquist, Laurie Lyon, Janmarie Halliday.  Early arrivers get the most appetizers... ha ha. 
Karon's incredible cheesecakes were camera shy... guess they were in the fridge already. 
I forgot to photo the dining food... duh!...but check out this cake.

And of great importance to me ... my secret pal HILARY FIELD from England...LOVED her Father Christmas.


Stevii said...

Secret pal gift???? I want to be your secret pal. Maybe I'm too loud to be a secret nothing! Hugs!

Robbie said...

I want to be your SECRET whatever! I loved this piece while your were working on it! What a lucky gal to receive it!