Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quilting The Border Fabric

I chose to just secure both edges of the stopper, then use the elegant pattern on the gold satin to guide my quilting.  I've placed some plain fabric in view for reference. Here I merely chose to outline secure some parts of the design using the Superior Gold Thread ( Highlights #728).  There's no pattern decisions here but for what to free motion outline stitch. .. eg long S curves , petal-like curves coming off floral-like images, etc... Anything that allowed me to keep a continuos line going without too much backtracking. 

 I love this  Superior Gold #728 thread as I said previous it is a friendly/forgiving alternative to a true metallic.  I need to order more after this quilt.

One can get a close-up look by clicking on the photo to get a better idea how little quilt line work is done in comparison to complex fabric pattern.  This was pretty simple work though time consuming...about 4 hours for all 4 border areas.  It makes the quilt special though so it is very much worth the time.


Laura T said...

I really like the looks of the stitching. What type of stitch did you use? It's a little difficult to tell in the picture.

Thanks, LauraT

Patt Blair said...

The regular font underlined text has been added in an attempt to better answer Laura's question. Happy Quilting all.