Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Little Something Extra

This may seem a bit odd but we are going to add a little something extra to each of the pieces before a backing is added.  This time... I'll show it on my butterfly quilted much the same as the dragonfly but for the center filler.
When all quilting is done... if I flip to the opposite (back) side... one can see where I initially stitched with monofilament around the butterfly.
I created a drawn image of the butterfly outline on freezer paper , ironed it to a piece of scrap batting, and then cut it out on the inside of the drawn lines... meaning I wanted this butterfly to be slightly smaller than the original.
Now it is merely a matter of glueing the piece of batting (sons the freezer paper ofcourse) to center behind the original butterfly perimeter. This will act like a little trapunto but as importantly will add strength to the butterflies wings and body, and minimize future potential for a central pucker of sorts.
The next step is to create an easy added backing much faster than my normal facing approach.

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