Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Putting The Pieces Together

All the freezer paper puzzle pieces ironed to the paper side of the fusible web which was already attached to the chosen fabric back.
Cutting these pieces out has some good ground rules to insure a good results.. See below.
On outside of the total image ( i.e the outer edge of the birdie contour, cut right on the line...

On edges that will be ultimately placed adjacent to other fabric pieces... cut about 1/16" outside the drawn edge.  Doing so will allow you to overlap small pieces and easily fuse them together. 
 Now it's time to place your original drawing face up on the ironing board and place a teflon sheet atop it. You can see the original drawing through the teflon sheet so it will be easy to now 'put the pieces together.'
For each piece to be fused, remove both the freezer paper template and the fusible web paper backing.  Only the glued backed fabric is overlapped and lightly fused one piece to another.
( LIGHTLY MEANS A 'TAP' of the iron)A 'tap fuse' is a quick tap of the iron as a temporary hold til you are ready to do a final fuse off the teflon sheet and on the background fabric. (Added benefit: a tap fuse will allow you to carefully pull pieces apart and reposition if necessary)

The temporary tap fuse atop teflon complete.
The bird gets added to background as are the fabric stamps.  This time ,the background fabric is a soft linen which has been stabilized on the back with an iron on woven interfacing.
A slight cool shadow added at the lower edge of the birds body. 

Quilting and finishing will take place later... frankly when back home...  This project was tackled 'On The Road.'

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