Sunday, February 17, 2013

Christmas Stuff Already?

One never really know what tomorrow brings...   A guild booked for one of my painting workshops has requested an addition to the class for which all my large samples aren't available... soooo... stop the presses and get to it.  First the painting... a process I've previously documented.   Drawing down, fabric placed over and the face is first thing done.  I usually start with what one might think is the most challenging part, but when I'm fresh, I do better so here goes in an abbreviated photo series.
He looks happy so I am too. The simple drawing marks you see are not on the fabric but the paper drawing underneath the high thread count/sheer cotton fabric ( Hoffmans PFD patt. 1377). Next to add some pale yellow warmth in his hat and beard plus  cool gray and blue ink too.

This time I'm using emerald green in a arched cross hatch application where I'm NOT going for solid cover.. It will be much more interesting with some mottled texture.

After all is dry and done, I've used a white opaque ink to pump up a few highlights.

After a final heat setting, I've added a sashing and border on this piece and am ready to begin the quilting process next up.  I wish I could have found more of this border fabric as  I love it!  .. I bought it as a remnant and have never seen any more like it. It is metallic print atop a silky nylon textile.  It will quilt beautifully, really!!!!