Friday, February 1, 2013

Rubbing Art Quilting

Okay... I'm ready to quilt but have no backing on this puppy .. that is dragonfly. I am using quilters dream a fairly thin but dense /smooth batting.  Here we go.
Not shown... first things first.. I outlined the dragonfly with clear monofilament. Then chose a simple scrolled triangle filler shape to go all around the central area of the piece.  I did much the same on the other pieces but chose different fillers for each piece. Click on photo for closeup view.
From here, I merely added some simple outlining here and there within the outer border.

and in some areas just a meandered a knockdown of  border background.
I pretty much completed all 3 earlier shown rubbing art images the same way as this.  
At this stage... we have a top quilted only through the batting.

 More to come to address a quick finish and backing.