Thursday, February 7, 2013

Traveling Principle

Hi all.  I've been traveling this week and brought a traditional UFO with me to UN UFO it. I want it finished.  I've decided when traveling with sewing gear /plans, one needs a white topped king size bed as a design wall. I've spent the last several days taking finished blocks and hand embroidery to a finished quilt top.
 Before adding the border blocks (eg. shown above) I had over a years worth of hand embroidery blocks to piece together and finish seams.

Yes I know I'm an art quilter... but this pattern looked like fun and I wanted to do this piece called Winter Wonderland by Crabapple Hill. The border blocks get layed out in place long with coping strips and each border put together separately before adding all to the center piece.
The top is done... Yeah!!! 
Update: I was asked what threads I used, so here tis:

 I used 2 threads 

 A fresh blue embroidery thread for all characters,trees, snowflakes...  A 6ply silk skein by planet earth color Atlantic 1073 ( 617 524-1246)     

I also used a variegated medium to dark blue 12 wt sulky spool long staple cotton thread for ground lines and i believe I also used in the holly leaf block.

Good luck.. I liked the silk embroidery thread big time and as I recall, it wasn't too expensive. 

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rvquilter said...

Love this quilt. Could you share the color of floss you used to embroidery? Will be waiting to see how you embellish it with your quilting! Another work of art.