Thursday, February 14, 2013

Great Class at 35th ave Fabric World, Phoenix AZ

What a week and a great one at that.  Last weekend took me to Phoenix to teach a 2 day Painted Quilt Art Class at the spectacular 35th ave. fabric world vac and sew in North Phoenix. 22 really fun students. We had a great time.  I managed to capture a handful of pics in the last 5 mins of the second day.  More than half the images painted were students own drawings but several painted my tiger too.  We had great fun deciding which of the following were male vs. female. You'll decide for yourself but the general consensus was 2 females, 1 male of these first 3.

Then one chose to create a blue eyed white tiger.
Such a fun group of ladies.... 2 dragon flies painted...captured one at least.. almost done.
then several drawings / work in progress by a number of students...


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Terry Times said...

I loved the class and it was fun learning with you.

I love all of the pieces you posted. I'm still working on my butterfly and red gerber flowers.

I'll send more money.

Hugs, Theresa