Monday, February 25, 2013

One of a Kind Project Fabric

This piece called for some text print fabric and some  postage stamps so I made my own on fabric . It's a simple and fun thing to do.. EVERYTHING seems available on the web if it isn't in your home already.  First I created a whole sheet of text related to music ( I had an old review in my piano bench seat on a broadway musical) and lots of music books in the same bench seat. I went on line and pulled down lyrics from 2 of my favorite songs about the subject at hand .. one about birdies ( "Skylark" written by Hogey Carmichael) and  the other "Song Sung Blue" (Neil Diamond)  So all  were printed on paper, cut up in pieces then glued on a back sheet in a collage... Finally the sheet was printed on ink jet pretreated for printing fabric sheets.  'Cool beans' as some say.

Left.. the original sheet .. on the right side.. what is currently left of the printed on fabric sheet.

Then knowing I wanted some stamps here and there ... all about birdies.  One could use current real stamps if you have some.. but for this it seemed a better choice to also print stamps on fabric. Google anything you want these days and they will appear.  I found references to several OLD stamps.. so I pulled copies down, assembled them on one page ( I used a power point slide page as it is easy to add/resize and move things around,  and printed them on fabric in the same way as previously addressed.

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Robbie said...

Look forward to seeing the final results!