Saturday, March 30, 2013

A piece for the 2013 SAQA Auction

I finally got to work on some of my 'art' stuff after a week of traveling and contract / class material  preparations. It's all good though as you will see nice additions to my teaching schedule via the Patt's Calendar link on the left.  

 I made a trip to the post office this a.m. to send this little quilt off to an organizer with Studio Art Quilt Associates of which I am a member.  "Bird on a Wire" (a fused and stitched/quilted on stabilized linen piece) has been submitted for their 2013 fundraiser supporting the promotion/development of art quilting worldwide. S.A.Q.A. is a great organization with thousands of members. Click on photo for enlarged view.
Something ultimately around 400 small ( 12" square") quilts will be auctioned on line and and at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this fall.  News at eleven as they say... It will probably be June before we see anything on line.  I'll try to keep tabs and post but you can learn details at  Everyone can become a member of SAQA... one needn't be a professional.   Check it out.  Tell 'em I sent ya!! ;-) 

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