Friday, March 29, 2013

Can You Believe The Talent????

 Sutter Creek student Joyce loves raising chickens and is a wealth of information about them.  Can you believe how well Joyce  represented this rooster. It looks darned realistic.  We've talked about her quilting plan...I can hardly wait to see it quilted!!!  Click on photos for enlarged view.
Victoria began this piece in my September class... This young woman (think shes' a sophomore this year) has so many talents I can't list them all.

Ginger's beloved kitty was a challenge but she didn't give up and achieved a good result.
Anelie Belden  (quilt teacher, author, and highly efficient class organizer) quickly took to this method. Don't you love her kitty?  (photo reference at top of pic. )
Linda exclaimed "I'm hooked!" Well, why not when she took to it this well, this quickly?  Background water is yet to be added, but this is a spectacular turtle.   I love what my class students create!!!
sadly.. I was too slow to capture pictures of all students work, but have told all classes, I'll post and brag any finished piece for which they send me a pic.  THANKS to all and especially to Anelie for making last weekend's class possible.

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