Monday, March 18, 2013

Getting Ready For The Face Off!

Continuing from Previous Post:   Effectively, I am preparing to add something looking like a pieced 2" border  so I have cut  2 inch strips and added to all 4 sides of the quilted piece. NOTE: I'm using a quarter inch foot but also note I'm sewing more like a 1/8" seam.
The result is pressed out flat as one would any seam addition.
The two pins below are pointing to the end result of our next 2 steps.  (I sometimes like to explain where we are going before we 'go'.. and a picture (as they say) is worth a thousand words.
These next two steps can be done in either order but  I am showing here first that I am straight stitching from the right side through a 1/4 turn under of the raw edge.  This edge will eventually be hand appliquéd/ sewn to the backing so a pre sewn edge is easier  to work with and better looking.

This  next step below is a critical piece to my thinking.  I am straight stitching appx 1/16" from the pressed out pieced edge that you might remember had about an 1/8 inch seam in the very first step above. This straight stitch line ( as seen on the horizontal just behind the pressure foot) will be extremely helpful in 2 ways: 1) stabilizing the quilt edges and 2) becoming a major visual tool when turning the facing fabric toward the backing.
Now we are ready for completing the facing next post.

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