Monday, March 4, 2013

Enjoying Maryland

I had a wonderful day yesterday teaching portraits. My only personal regret... I wanted to spend more time with each student. BUT, what wonderful students they have been.  Tonight will be a guild meeting so today, my host Miki took me sightseeing to Annapolis to see such things as The Naval Academy (I wasn't allowed in ;-( ... I understand it was for general security... They hadn't been warned I was coming.  :-)  Beautiful brick streets in much of the city... Below... The William Paca House.. the home of a signer of the Declaration Of Independence.
A delightful visit to  St. Michaels preceded.  Quaint streets, docks, B and Bs, and homes abounded. I was fascinated with this restored 1912 Tug . Click on any photo for enlarged views of post photos.
The "shallop" below is a replica of Captain John Smiths 1608 small boat used in exploration of The Chesapeake Bay

We headed back to our car  and passed through alleyways with open views of charming backyards.  I spotted this stone sculpture enjoying an afternoon on a bench.  Good idea!!!
Heading home before the next eastern storm hits.

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