Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekend Planning for Classes.. 1 Brand New

I'm overloading a wee bit getting all the things done that are on the "TO DO" list.  But, they are all things I WANT to do.  I've spent 2 days creating requested proposals for late 2013/early 2014 shows that will include teaching.  Contracts aren't done, but think we will work things out. Stay tuned... I'll post when the ink dries!! ;-)
I'm excited about a brand  NEW class I've proposed for the later part of this year.... I had so much fun creating a personalized Father Christmas original for my English buddy Hilary Field, that I've figured out how to teach an equivalent class in a one day format.  A fairly small materials fee will offer students both their drawing and fabric piece with an original face ink painting of Father Christmas... i.e. ready to go to add extra FUN stuff customized for the future art quilt owner.  I can hardly wait to do this class.

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Laura T said...

I would so love to take the Father Christmas class! That looks like a fun one:)