Friday, March 15, 2013

Stamping and Signing

I used a traditional wood blocked rubber stamp to add musical score around one of the birdie  cloth postage stamps.  I left the music score  mostly unquilted to add interest/texture.

Now a repeat on how to sign your quilts.. I first used a fPilot Frixion pen and ruler to draw 2 lines as guides  for top and bottoms of letters.( available at Staples and some quilt shops)
With 40 wt thread, I carefully write each name forward, then trace backward .  Note... 'patt' has been completed both forward and backward. 'Blair' has been done forward and is starting backward. It seems to look much better with 2 passes of stitching one atop the previous. It also allows for minor corrections. Go slow!!!
Dry iron the Frixion pen markings so they disappear. ( I love magic!!!)

and it's done.

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