Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bound, Sleeved,Labeled and Done

The final finish seems slow coming... (as it's 90% hand work I guess).The Red Lion in Silk is DONE. A friend asked me yesterday a.m... "Do you feel a lot of satisfaction when you've completed a piece?"
 My reply... "I'm good for about 30 seconds of joy!" followed by the kicking in of that mindset coming from 30+ years managing a complex  24 hour operations organization. "Great, that's done... what's the next most important thing?"  The good news...  I'm never bored! ;-D

I will be leaving to teach in Houston on Monday the 26th ( teaching Tuesday thru Saturday)... I think this guy will join me for show in my classrooms, Machine Quilting Forum on Thursday next, and my Friday skill building quilting class..." The Filling Station." This  18" x 18" piece will be available for sale... inquire if interested. Click on photos for enlarged view.

Matching 1/2 inch give sleeve attached... yeah! That final hand stitch on the label is always satisfying!
 While I shipped  most of my needed supplies to Houston a while back, I admittedly have some  more prep and packing to accomplish. I generally prefer to transport my quilts with me!

I have nothing in the show this year.  Why not?  It would have been a conflict of interest so nothing even submitted for jury. I should be submitting for the 2016 year.
This year at Houston, I get to present a judges choice award as I was honored to have been a judge for this years festival. I'm excited! I love the chosen quilt and so hope the maker is present. I have happy questions!

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Robbie said...

So much fun, inspiration and envy watching this piece come to life! Wonderful!