Sunday, October 18, 2015

The 'Mane' Event

Now to get this face and mane in place.  To add interest and a place for the eye to rest a bit, I am leaving selected areas UNquilted.
When time to tackle that bad hair day mane, I choose to begin with quilting the dark shadows first. This is so I can later stitch golden or white thread over some shadow areas.
Next the addition of gold threads which I have by design  NOT consistently stayed in golden paint areas. ;-)  It's a bad hair day after all.

Last was white areas that are mostly concentrated around the face. Here's another area I tried to leave some unquilted areas  to 1) add interest/ eye rest areas, and 2)  further show off the surface /sheen of silk.
I return to the chin area and add charcoal shadows
and finally just below the chin is the lions shoulder. Some darker red/brown thread emerges from the shadows.
Happy with the 'parts' now quilted. The borders, sleeve, and binding remains.   .. Gotta get that done.. next post ;-D

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Robbie said...

Beautiful! I'm speechless!