Thursday, October 29, 2015

Honoring Ruth McDowell's "Thalia "

 This intelligent, witty woman marches to her own talented drum.  KUDOS! . This was the first artists quilt I purchased after seeing her lecture ages ago at Road To California. I was a new/ quite naive entrant into the quilt world and somehow found the courage to contact Ruth, asked the price and proceeded to purchase Thalia.   These WHITE flowers had over 20 different white/near white fabrics in them. The interesting blue fabric behind them (Ruth said) is a tablecloth found at an artsy emporium  She doesn't seem to concern herself with what a quilt judge might think.Someone told me she never submitted her quilts for judging. I don't know if that's fact but I admire the thought of her dedication/confidence in her methods.  Ruth has retired from  the national teaching circuit, but I am confident her / dry intelligent sense of humor flourishes still.  She is about to be showcased in an upcoming exhibition of Quilts in the northeast... I 'think' it will be labeled Quilts of Vermont.  Apologies if I have that title in error.  It's in the planning stages.  Click on photo for enlarged view.

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