Friday, October 30, 2015

Libby Woman... who knows all about THREAD

Whether this is true or not.... it fits... Someone said long ago Libby touts the existence of fabric as needed for the purpose of hanging thread on it.  And boy, has she done just that.
Here's her piece I own ( Drift III) which displays so many tricks on the color/ type, stitch line of thread to make a quilt SING her praises.  I was lucky to purchase this from Libby ages ago at Art Quilt Tahoe. I was such a green naive art quilter in waiting then. Drift III  is more than a beautiful image... it is a 'class' of worthy information/ learning gathered from studying the piece at length.  Love you Libby.. Thank you for all I've learned from studying your work!
 I feel obliged to mention, Libby's threadwork on this piece is so refined, you will not find a single glitch anywhere in her work. 

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