Saturday, October 17, 2015

Quilting Beautiful SILK!

Good heavens silk beautifully reflects light.  This is a small piece ( appx 12" x 12" of silk...)  Before I began this first real quilting, I used a .004 monofilament to secure major areas in a somewhat stitch in the ditch approach... ( eg outline of lions face.. etc.  ) That allows me on this SMALL piece to start in the corner background area.   Were this a larger quilt top... I would follow my norm of working from the center out or I would likely have the dreaded surface distortion.  The original painted background (this is a giclee of my original oil painting)  was a mixture of darker and lighter reds.  I'm using a darker red thread in the areas of the darker paint. The quilting motif is a generally meandered topography style.

Then to lighter red thread to fill in remaining areas. There is a good bit of echoing technique here.  
I think I like this background. It will nicely  counter the quilting that will come on his face and main. 

I get to his face and mane next up. 


Robbie said...

I am so very interested in your quilting process...I would have thought you started on the face! How interesting!!! The meandering is perfect as is the echo on the meandering!!!

Patt Blair said...

You are correct to question.... ONLY because this is such a small area of quilting ( 12" x 12" ) and that I had previously secured all areas with monofilament could I start with the background. Were this any larger, I would as usual work from the inside ( center) out. Thanks Robbie