Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Prepping to Quilt Silk

I have an unquilted silk version of the following  quilted fabric cotton giclee .  Before I do anything to a piece of lightweight silk... I need stabilize it with a fusible woven fabric interfacing / stabilizer.

 Here on this new silk piece, I have used Pellon SF101 a woven interface to adhere to the back side of my fine art print on silk. SF101 is just like a piece of white fabric with a thin even layer of heat fusible adhesive. Prior to adding any type of  border, I followed the product directions to adhere the stabilizer to the silk... then trimmed to size I wanted.  This product requires steam on wool/silk iron setting.  It adds no bulk... just a less slippery surface that will eliminate distortion as I quilt later on.  First time I've used this product, but expect it will do fine.

Though you are viewing below from the BACK, (you can somewhat see through the stabilizer to a left facing lion profile) you can see that there is added borders of red and black fabrics... I'll have that shown in the next post as there's more to do. .
Once the top is finished... I will use small bits of misty fuse to progressively 'baste' the quilt top to batting. No pins in this fine silk. 


Robbie said...

Look forward to how this particular interfacing works for you. I have some silk that I wanted to quilt (whole cloth) but afraid it would be too slippery. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Patt Blair said...

Hi Robbie... I've started quilting this piece and am happy with the SF101 pellon product. ;-Dpatt