Monday, January 23, 2012

Favs from Road

I am one tired puppy... working and teaching from last Monday thru Sunday night. I must be getting old (of course I actually know that is already true).

First, my friend Molly from Central California won Best of Show... well Molly and her collaborator Cyndy. Indeed, it is a beautiful quilt.

I'll have more to post later, but had to show the $3000. prize winner now.


Laura T said...

Wow what a stunning quilt! They look really happy:)

Colleen Greene said...

I was there Friday morning through Sunday morning, 2 classes & 1 day of shopping/viewing. My second year going with Mom, and I think it's now an annual tradition.

I didn't realize that my "Mt. Baldy Quilter" did that wonderful "Earth Beneath Our Feet" quilt. We loved that!!! Beautiful, fun, creative. Can't wait to show it to my ranching cousins.

Wasn't that Best of Show quilt spectacular?! The volunteer manning it informed us that the entire thing was quilted on a regular machine, not a long arm. Really amazing.

-- Colleen @ Made By Colleen