Thursday, January 5, 2012

Go Red!!!

Now to start... I found for me, it was easier to get good drawing coverage if I used a 30 wt thread. Here I am using Sulky's 30 wt. One thing I was pretty certain of was that I would NOT start any stitch pattern at the END or BEGINNING of a line, but rather in the middle. This seams like it would minimize loosened thread end opportunities. So that's what I'm doing here. I will pop up the bobbin thread ( monofilament which you wouldn't see)
My intent is to stitch up one line and then back track for good solid lines. I normally would quickly eliminate the loose top and popped up thread but left it here for perspective on where we began.
Working so close up here... thread looks more loopy than in real life but even slight loops disappear when ironed.


bernie said...

I have tried three times to comment. I really should do it more often then I would remember my passwords :) Anyway GO RED, love this idea you are genius. Am loving your step by step follow along. What type of thread are you using and are you doing this on a regular HSM? Bernine

Laura T said...

Hi Patt,

I"m also wondering if you did this on your HSM or your long arm? I have a blue work piece to do and will try this technique instead!
Laura T

Patt Blair said...

Done on a Home machine just because I like getting my face right in it. Give yourself permission to go slow ( light foot on the pedal) and take breaks!!!! Good Luck.