Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ready To Wash Out

Okay... the stitching is complete and you are looking at the back side with Pellon's Wash-n-Gone still intact. This is a cold water soluble stabilizer but it dissolves even quicker (per their instructions) in a slightly warmer water..... 25-30 C or 77-86 F. I'm not kidding.. this dissolves away completely per the sample shown a couple posts back.
Th Wash-n-Gone is indeed gone, now flipped to the front side and ironed.
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I think Father Christmas is a pretty cool dude all in all. I'll be doing free motion redwork again sometime but would like to try it with a hearty red 12 wt. thread. The 30wt I used looks good but I did back track to get the strength of line I really wanted. I did experiment with 40 wt and was admittedly less appreciative though it looked 'okay.'

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Beth S - Wrightwood said...

Thanks for demonstrating, Patt. I just purchased a 12 block blackwork pattern and am tempted to try this.