Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Simple Border and Almost Ready To Pass On

I felt a need to add a bit of border before I handed this off to my quilt group friends. I loved the red and white almost Baltic feel print. I have a bunch more of it that will surely go in the eventual border.

Now to pass this on for rotation amongst my quilter friends, I felt I needed to add some "Retayned" red/ red/white fabrics. One reason so many of us don't have a red and white quilt is our fear of the infamous red bleed. So, I have pre washed (in Retayne) several fabrics that will travel with my quilt top in progress. I have also included a bottle of Retayne and some dye grabber sheets if anyone decides (their option) to use any of their own fabrics. So off this goes next Friday as I learn also what everyone else is starting in rotation. It will be December this year before mine returns to me...BUT I will see its progress each month as it is passed on at our monthly meeting. SEW FUN!!!!

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bernie said...

Bravo - it looks great. Thanks so much for letting us follow the process. Bernie