Friday, January 6, 2012

You Go Slow But IT Goes Pretty FAST

Even noting that everything stitched out is then back stitched.... one might think this takes forever. One only has to think of the time the handwork version would be and you become thrilled with the progress. The image below is one of 2 pine cone/ limb images... The reason I'm showing this is that it somewhat differs from the comparable un stitched image in the next photo. I reversed this top photo so it can more easily be compared to the next pic.
The original drawing was for handwork with many more starts and stops. Where I could, I modified the stitch pattern to be continuos line. Cleaner..Faster. Sounds good to me.
Some one with perfect eyesight might well finish this is a day's sitting. For me, when I have my face in it so close, my eyes tire so I did this bits and pieces across a couple days. This baby will be completely stitched out by tomorrow.

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