Monday, January 9, 2012

Here We Go Anew!!

I just made a list of all the teaching related things I MUST accomplish by this time next weekend. EEK! Too many things so I'll be brief here. I have always loved CBS Sunday Morning show complete with the varied/ interesting SUN images... so I'm starting one of my own but including the infamous moon face as well. I'm just working with my line drawing underneath and have no reference photos. I'm just planning to play with color. I begin by blocking in basic features/colors of the moon and sun face. I chose to make the sun female even though my hubby reminds me in spanish the sun is masculine (el sol) and the moon female (la luna). Artists get to do whatever they want I stated, besides Mack the Knife wasn't female and I "THINK" he was blue????!!!!! Mostly, I knew I wanted to give the sun lavender eyes (a la Liz Taylor) and seemed female to me.
I'll be refining detail as I go but now... it's just getting things blocked in.

Note: I am a blogger who shares a lot of my work though I will copyright the finished piece making it not for copy.

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