Monday, October 3, 2011

Ben's New Face... actually Facing.

I often enjoy facing my art pieces as opposed to binding them. It admittedly takes longer but usually seems worth the extra effort. To see the entire process of facing... CLICK HERE to see the April 2009 step by step facing of my mountain lion titled WINTER HUNT!
The brief desciption however is that once the quilted quilt is completely blocked and trimmed/squared, I add a finished edge 2" border of sorts to YES a finished quilt top. Then side by side, I roll the border facing to the back, press, pin, allow to dry, then hand stitch the loose edge as one would do with binding.

I most often use the same fabric used on the backing to create the facing but on this piece, the black and white backing (animal print) might have been distracting from a side hanging view, thus a black facing was used on Ben
You are looking here at one side of facing, rolled to back, steamed, pinned, and drying.

Ben is now done but for sleeves and label. I've posted enough of Ben in full view. I'll add an eye close up here as I am pleased with the emotion in his eyes.

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