Friday, October 21, 2011

Ya Just Never Know

Sometimes the thing you think you'll hate is the thing you end up loving. Since I and most quilters have many tote bags I wasn't excited about zentangleing a tote bag. But I decided to make myself an interesting food shopping tote that I might actually remember to take in the store.
I first took a white canvas tote and water sprayed it followed by misting green and yellow fabric paints. I used a plain damp foam brush to 'move the some of the splotched drops around'. This took a few hours to fully dry
I liked the base paint 'mess' over which I will zen later.
Once I started drawing , I couldn't stop myself....The black pen drawings were first... then I just HAD to use some markers and inks to add a bit more color.
Color addition is purposely subtle. I like the integrated look of soft values.

Pineapple anyone?

finally I enjoy the quilted apple.


imquilternity said...

Simply beautiful!

Patt Blair said...

THANK YOU for the nice words... I see more zen in my future! patt