Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well This Was Certainly Fun!

I'm "zenning" a ball cap here... thinking a cap might be nice to wear as Caribbean Cruisers walk about on shore excursions. Any white or light value fabric hat will work. In playing here, I picked up inexpensive Tulip Paint sprays, water sprayed my white cap... then following instructions misty sprayed a variety of colors on the hat. It's fabric paint and it will dry permanent... and I set it in the sun to dry. See for cruise details

Then ZEN...
This was fast AND FUN! First a palm tree outline on the head area of the hat and I added some fill textures within each leaf. A none existent flower on the bill... then some curved sectioned zentangle and quilting texture patterns. Click on photo for closeups.
I may need to experiment with adding color on white ...AFTER.. the zen is done. I'm pretty sure watered pigment inks will work well... There's a number of media I think will blend with Zenning. Exciting!!!!!! I've decided you can't do anything wrong with Zentangle... It's all doodling with a minimal plan.

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