Wednesday, October 19, 2011 out to sea!

I'm starting to create samples for next March's Caribbean Quilters Cruise with World Of Quilts It's already fun to think about it. YEAH!
I've created some half day classes with one is morning, another in afternoon so cruisers can learn more than one technique in one day. Since I'm soooo enjoying playing around with Zentangle on Fabric, I'm playing now with a class where cruisers may chose to Zentangle a white or light-valued ball cap, tennies, tote, or whatever they want.
The first I'm sampling is a more refined /simple Zentangle on my brand new sling back Keds. One will be guided thru a variety of approaches. In this 'simple' sample, I created a floral with a tropical them.
I've used a Micron Pigma before ( I like the fatter tipped pigmas for this) but this time I am using Pentels new Gell Roller for Fabric (I bought at It seemed a easier applicator since it 'rolls.' There are lots of Zentangle books out there. I quickly figured out I could create a simple contour outline of something I wanted to create... and then just play with interesting textures like shown in some books...OR...quilting books. So here we go...
first a simple floral center
Outline some petals
Add a teardrop shape within the petal
Then create some weight to the overall image by adding tight circles within the teardrop
and leaves
I could have zentangled the heck over the entire surface but I kind of enjoy this clean deck shoe look. I couldn't help myself though... Using a permanent fabric marker, I added a wee bit of summer yellow to sparkle things up a bit.
When the white starts to get dirty... I'll add plenty of ZEN!!!!

I'll be working on a different sample shortly with fabric spray paints and zentangle.

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