Monday, October 24, 2011

Border and Quilt

Continuing on from previous post: I first chose to add a border because this piece is so small ( about 12 x 12" ... it asked for one!;-) I wanted to keep it in a light simple palette much like the background of the collaged piece. Because it still called to me for a bit more rust, I inset 1/2" channel of light rust in the border. I maybe could have gotten away with a slightly smaller width inset, but I like this overall.
After securing the border seams with monofilament top and bottom (I used a new Sharp needle size 70.), it's time to quilt. I chose a variegated brown/tan/black 40wt poly to outline the stenciled areas. One could almost get away with stopping quilting after this. I wanted a wee bit more.
For all stipple haters, I apologize.. I'm using a micro ( REALLY small) stipple to fill in between the quilted stencil areas. I used a light variegated 'sand' color.. again 40wt poly to knock down the background in order to show off some of the elements.
I like that little birdie...It was a stamp that I colored in with Tsukineko inks (my overall favorite working media).
I also did some other minor securing of elements with other colored threads, and now, I think we're about ready to move on to finishing... besides, I must now leave the studio to go pick up my 72 yr old hubby from his college overnight field trip to the desert. He likes hanging out with 'kids.'

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