Friday, October 14, 2011

Now To A REALLY Nice Birthday Gift

In one of my friendship groups(The Wanabe Quilters), whenever a member has a birthday with an "0" at the end, the group presents her with a quilt. This time, TODAY, is the birthday celebration for friend Karon. We titled this really big table runner "There Must Be 60 Ways To Leave Your 50's !"... and each member filled a flower pot with 5 needle turn applique flowers using their own fabric choices(5 x 12 pots) = 60 flowers. It was organized by the last "0" birthday girl Carol Brodie and quilted by pro-quilter Phyllis Reddish. This was great fun! This thing is so big ("let's just call it a quilted table cloth"), I couldn't get far enough away to get the triangular pointed ends of the runner in the picture.

I'm posting this as I head out to "the party"... so as you read this.... "Karon will hopefully be a happy birthday girl."

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Laura T said...

What a clever idea and I'm sure it will be treasured!