Friday, October 7, 2011

Reducing Fear

YEP! It's my goal. I am always trying to think of ways to help newer art quilters continue their journey. Since the fear of quilting a painted piece often seems a big roadblock to finishing, on this piece for Houston, I have photographed how I tackled Santa. I purposely simplified the quilting on Santa so as not to scare anybody. If someone wants to give it a go on their own... they will have a guide or have a guide to possibly hand off if they hire quilting done. Then ofcourse, there's always the option of ignoring my approach and do their own. I REALLY like that idea too!
Click once or twice for closeup view.


Justine said...

Hey Patt! I really like this quilt but no trip to Houston for me. Will you be selling the pattern and instructions after Houston? Or teaching this project in the San Diego area sometime soon?

Patt Blair said...

Hi Justine... sorry I'm so danged slow... I've been busily prepping, packing supplies for Houston IQA show.
The answer to part of your question is yes... I do have a commercial CD with a printable drawing, the follow along painting instructions, and I can now add to it the quilting plan pages. Email me after this weekend at and we'll work it out...
I'm not near San Diego anytime soon though... drat!