Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Special Showcase

Empty Spools Student Jan Reed is an exceptional woman. First she was my class helper who arrived early, was resourceful, and helped get things done in a big way.  I knew then she had a great attention to detail but that was even before she began her weeks project.
 The following is her snow leopard work in progress and do consider this piece a copywritten image.... It is spectacular.
(c) copywrite
Jan's work beautifully represents what I've repeatedly said... that being that "drawing and painting is much less about drawing and painting than it is about SEEING."  Jan slowed herself down and studied her multiple reference sources to create this piece.  I love wildlife art on my own and think this is definitely Jan's niche.    This detail type of painting doesn't require a lot of visible thread work.  If one loves the painting ( in this case dry brush INK on white cotton), one can merely use a very fine invisible thread 
( eg .004mm) to secure the image in a way that enhances but does not detract from Jan's image. 
 This piece is a WINNER!!!!! 

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Sewgirl said...

Wow, truly incredible. That really looks like a photograph. Very impressive!