Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How To Quilt A Stitch No. 5: Stacked Roof Tops

This is a great filler in areas that need a sense of feeling stabile without  using just plain straight lines.  Here is where we are headed. 
I seldom mark this but am doing a first row here so you can better see the plan. I have used a frixion marking pen to draw a row of squares/rectangles at different heights. 
 The first stitch effort is to follow the  drawn line across left to right noting you are back tracking a few stitches at the bottom of each shape.
 At the end of the first row, you stitch up the right side of the to be quilted area and begin a right to left row of the same plan... this time however you intersect the box (rooftop) somewhere near the middle of  the roof below as the needle down is shown here.
 Continue on with this plan  changing directions at the end of each row and you have an interesting filler when done.   Iron any markings away. Goes pretty fast all in all.  Happy Quilting All!

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