Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to Quilt A Stitch No 9: Boxed Scroll

I like this stitch motif for an area that needs a feeling of being grounded but still a bit of extra interest.
I might mark the first stitch just to be certain I have a good scale for the area to be filled...  Stitch following your lines and  after that... it's all unmarked free motion moving your  scroll finishing line to wherever to wish to start a new square scroll. That will make  more sense  if your eyes follow the line of the first row of boxed scrolls and how the top right scroll transitioned to the next scroll beneath and to it's far left.   You my choose to keep this planned as a row by row motif, but I like to keep things a bit more loose by meandering my scrolls a bit.  That way, no one is looking for perfection of exact order.
A little heat on the pink Frixion pen, and all is clear.  Happy Quilting All!

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