Monday, April 21, 2014

How To Quilt A Stitch No 7: Blocks and Curves

This filler is kind of fun for areas that need a little something going on but not overly heavy stitching.   here's where we are headed.  This motif is shown here in  horizontal orientation but I prefer to stitch in  vertical orientation. Just easier for me and sometimes machines like up and down better than side to side.
You can see I marked the quilting area with the planned motif... ( again using a heat erasable Frixion pen).  This isn't truly necessary but if it helps you plan and get started... do it!  It will all go away with the touch of your iron... OR as I have learned... a blow dryer blowing hot air. 
Stitching the curved lines is pretty straight forward... Stitching the BOX line  calls for a wee bit of back tracking. Hopefully you can see that  I stitched UP the line to the TOP of the box before starting the box coming off the line, finally returning to the line... then will need to stitch atop earlier line stitching to keep moving up the line toward the top of the area to be quilted.  
 The same idea is used when stitching from the top of the area coming down a line... one just starts coming OFF the curve line at the BOTTOM of the box there. 
Happy Quilting All!  

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