Friday, April 18, 2014

How To Quilt A Stitch No 6: Triangle Scroll

 I like this quilting motif for areas that might be too serene for my thinking and need a little spicing up.
Here is where we are headed:
This is simply a scroll in and back out only a triangle... any shape and size triangle. First I stitched an outside parameter, scrolled inward to a "angular"  turnaround  leaving room to get back out as I am doing here.
Once you scroll out and come to a finish point,  you are ready to start the next triangle.( photo below is  same idea as above... just a different triangle shown)  This requires little to no planning other than choice of scale which will work for the area to be quilted. You may have noted a first stitch marked with a heat erasable Frixion pen in the bottom left corner of the top photo.  One does not have to mark the first scroll less it helps you get started. The overall effect of this kind of fill is that 'something is happening.. things are moving.... a wee bit of excitement.
Happy Quilting All! 

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