Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to Quilt a Stitch No 1: Air or Slow moving Water

 I'll be posting a few stitches that will be part of my classroom Filling Station Handbook on stitches that stabilize, harmonize, and move your eyes.  It seemed like a good idea to get recorded as a tool for selecting quilting motifs.

Quilting for these 2 elements are often similar... and  in my view much easier if you draw the first line with a marking pen... in this case an iron touch erasable mark Frixion pen by Pilot. ( found at Quilt  shops and Staples). The initial marking seems easier for the brain to plan out in one long stroke of the pen than if you stitched this as your initial drawn start line.  At least, it is for me as I can stand back and look at a large width of fabric all at once.  
After that, this becomes a game of exaggerating and echoing coming close to the previous line some of the time and swinging out further others. To keep things interesting, don't be afraid to 'introduce' new curve elements as shown in on the right side of the 3rd from the bottom line.
Happy Quilting all!!!

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