Saturday, April 5, 2014

The More You Do, The More You Learn

'Ain't that the truth!  As I continue my search for the perfect satin stitch... I'm really learning how skilled Libby Lehmans Satin Stitch is. Some more personal learnings by doing:

1. Do your best to minimize table top drag as the machine does it's thing.  eg. ... keep from allowing overhang ( quilt top draping off the edge into your lap, etc. ) It seems, the more pull in any direction other than what the feed dogs have planned.. the more distortion on that would-be perfect satin stitch.

2. In this project, I  was using the thread spool holders on my machine. I found the small spools of thread tended to perform better than larger ones.  Next time,  I think I'd use a thread stand on spools larger than shown here.
What if I had done a blanket stitch ( looked blah!! for this piece)  and later decided a satin stitch would look better? Pick out the thread???  Not necessary this effort!!!!
It seems since I had used a 40 wt thread previous ( ie not very large)... it looked fine with a satin stitch overlay. A much nicer looking nice sheen finish for this piece.
Amy's comment on the previous post is spot on.... I had already used Sulky's threads on the above and truly like the look more than some other poly threads.  Thanks Amy!!

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